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CSIR NET Student Result

DBT-JRF Results of Pooja Yadav

Pooja Yadav


DBT-JRF (2016)

ICMR-JRF Results of Subhash Thakur

Subhash Thakur


ICMR-JRF (2016)

ICMR-JRF Results of Md. Sahir ansari

Md. Sahir ansari

ICMR-JRF (2016)

GATE-BT Results of Naibam Premeshwari

Naibam Premeshwari


GATE-BT (2016)

CSIR-NET Results of Punita Mishra

Punita Mishra

323926, 32nd Rank

CSIR-NET (2016)

CSIR-NET Results of Sonal Saluja

Sonal Saluja

326974, 36th Rank

CSIR-NET (2016)

CSIR-NET Results of Rajkumar Pandey

Rajkumar Pandey

329072, 37th Rank

CSIR-NET (2016)

GATE-BT Results of Rohan Ajit Singh

Rohan Ajit Singh


GATE-BT (2016)

GATE-XL Results of SASA



GATE-XL (2016)

UGC-NET Results of Annu Mor

Annu Mor

324954, 37th Rank

UGC-NET (2016)

M.Sc. Entrance Results of Anamika Yadav

Anamika Yadav

2043, 39th Rank

M.Sc. Entrance (2016)

CSIR-NET Results of Rahul Shaw

Rahul Shaw


CSIR-NET (2016)

UGC-NET Results of Dhiraj Kumar Singh

Dhiraj Kumar Singh

328014, 40th Rank

UGC-NET (2016)

CSIR-NET Results of Gazi Khan

Gazi Khan

328946, 41st Rank

CSIR-NET (2016)

CSIR-NRT Results of Neha Bansal

Neha Bansal

329304, 43rd Rank

CSIR-NRT (2016)

CSIR-NET Results of Ramasharay Singh

Ramasharay Singh

367485 GATE-XL

CSIR-NET (2016)

CSIR-NET Results of Surbhi Swaroop

Surbhi Swaroop

324403, GATE-BT-R-454, 44th Rank

CSIR-NET (2016)

CSIR-NET Results of Varsha Kataria

Varsha Kataria


CSIR-NET (2016)

CSIR-NET Results of Vikrant Mehta

Vikrant Mehta

327885, 45th Rank

CSIR-NET (2016)

CSIR-NET Results of Shipra Goyal

Shipra Goyal

323625 44th Rank

CSIR-NET (2016)

CSIR-NET,GATE Results of Mohd. Rizwan Jameel

Mohd. Rizwan Jameel

324476, 51th Rank


NET Results of Sasa


308263, 60rd Rank

NET (2016)

ICAR Results of Rachna Verma

Rachna Verma


ICAR (2016)

UGC-NET Results of Sonam


15050945, 62rd Rank

UGC-NET (2016)

GATE-XL Results of KM. Soni

KM. Soni

GATE-XL (2016)

CSIR-NET Results of Rajni Yadav

Rajni Yadav

328409, 63th Rank

CSIR-NET (2016)

CSIR-NET Results of Anurag Yadav

Anurag Yadav

328208, 64th Rank

CSIR-NET (2016)

GATE-ICAR-NET Results of Shefali Guruani

Shefali Guruani



CSIR-NET Results of Hari Prakash

Hari Prakash

329522, 66th Rank

CSIR-NET (2016)

UGC-NET-ENV. Results of Rizwana Kosar

Rizwana Kosar

2008957 JKSET 1160238

UGC-NET-ENV. (2016)

CSIR-NET Results of Roshan Ara

Roshan Ara

325663, 67th Rank

CSIR-NET (2016)

UGC-NET-ENV. Results of Sneha Kumari

Sneha Kumari


UGC-NET-ENV. (2016)

CSIR-NET Results of Sonia


319797, 68th Rank

CSIR-NET (2016)

CSIR-NET Results of Aakash Maurya

Aakash Maurya

327886, 71st rank

CSIR-NET (2016)

CSIR-NET Results of Dharam Narayan

Dharam Narayan

367447 129th Rank

CSIR-NET (2016)

CSIR-NET Results of Rajini Khanna

Rajini Khanna

321575, 72nd Rank

CSIR-NET (2016)

ICAR-NET Results of Soibam Dhaneswari Devi

Soibam Dhaneswari Devi


ICAR-NET (2016)

CSIR-NET Results of Raubins Kumar

Raubins Kumar


CSIR-NET (2016)

UGC-NER Results of Neha Khalkho

Neha Khalkho

324050 108th Rank

UGC-NER (2016)

CSIR-NET Results of Geet Madhukar

Geet Madhukar


CSIR-NET (2016)

CSIR-NET Results of Pawan Deep Kaur

Pawan Deep Kaur

321181 99th Rank

CSIR-NET (2016)

UGC-NET Results of Sunil Kumar

Sunil Kumar

76th Rank

UGC-NET (2016)



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