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CSIR NET Student Result

CSIR-JRF Results of Sheetal Gupta

Sheetal Gupta


CSIR-JRF (2015)

CSIR-JRF Results of Priyanka Saraf

Priyanka Saraf


CSIR-JRF (2015)

CSIR-JRF Results of Deepesh kothiwal

Deepesh kothiwal


CSIR-JRF (2015)

CSIR-JRF Results of Archna Kumari

Archna Kumari

327087 DBT-JRF (D1361) ICMR-JRF,JNU

CSIR-JRF (2015)

CSIR-JRF Results of Jayant Dewangan

Jayant Dewangan


CSIR-JRF (2015)

CSIR-JRF Results of Shivlata



CSIR-JRF (2015)

UGC-JRF Results of Madhvi H. Mandhania

Madhvi H. Mandhania

ICMR-JRF 50456

UGC-JRF (2015)

CSIR-JRF Results of Pankaj Singh

Pankaj Singh


CSIR-JRF (2015)

CSIR-JRF Results of Kavita Yadav

Kavita Yadav


CSIR-JRF (2015)

UGC-JRF Results of Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar


UGC-JRF (2015)

UGC-JRF Results of Dushyant Kumar

Dushyant Kumar

14890040 Environmental Sc.

UGC-JRF (2015)

UGC-JRF Results of Amrish Kumar

Amrish Kumar

14890091 Environmental Sc.

UGC-JRF (2015)

 CSIR-NET Results of Arun Kulshrestha

Arun Kulshrestha


CSIR-NET (2015)

CSIR-NET Results of Ashish Gill

Ashish Gill


CSIR-NET (2015)

CSIR-NET Results of Lalit Dewalkar

Lalit Dewalkar


CSIR-NET (2015)

CSIR-NET Results of Manika Singh

Manika Singh


CSIR-NET (2015)

CSIR-NET Results of Suvidha



CSIR-NET (2015)

CSIR-NET Results of Nidhi purnaik

Nidhi purnaik


CSIR-NET (2015)

 CSIR-NET Results of Pooja Yadav

Pooja Yadav


CSIR-NET (2015)

CSIR-NET Results of Ruchi



CSIR-NET (2015)

 CSIR-NET Results of Sanjeev Balda

Sanjeev Balda


CSIR-NET (2015)

CSIR-NET Results of Prachi Agnihotri

Prachi Agnihotri

323837 7th Rank

CSIR-NET (2015)

CSIR-JRF Results of Pankaj Chibber

Pankaj Chibber

343074 15th rank

CSIR-JRF (2015)

CSIR-JRF Results of Sangita Sanyal

Sangita Sanyal

328198 31st Rank

CSIR-JRF (2015)

 CSIR-JRF Results of Jinu Medhi

Jinu Medhi

328198 31st Rank

CSIR-JRF (2015)

Garima Anand Results of  CSIR-JRF


309038 34th Rank

Garima Anand (2015)

CSIR-JRF Results of Sweta Kumari

Sweta Kumari

324239 36th Rank

CSIR-JRF (2015)

CSIR-JRF Results of Ravi Prakash Srivastava

Ravi Prakash Srivastava

325260 39th Rank

CSIR-JRF (2015)

 CSIR-JRF Results of Charul Rajput

Charul Rajput

330509 45th Rank

CSIR-JRF (2015)

 CSIR-JRF Results of Suman Sourabh

Suman Sourabh

332486 46th Rank

CSIR-JRF (2015)

 CSIR-JRF Results of Amit Kaushik

Amit Kaushik

331978 50th Rank

CSIR-JRF (2015)

CSIR-JRF Results of Lokesh Verma

Lokesh Verma

328328 51st Rank

CSIR-JRF (2015)

 CSIR-JRF Results of Deepti Sharma

Deepti Sharma

326382 53rd Rank

CSIR-JRF (2015)

 CSIR-JRF Results of Tanuja Gahlot

Tanuja Gahlot

367035 56th Rank

CSIR-JRF (2015)

CSIR-JRF Results of  Johirul Islam

Johirul Islam

326270 57th Rank

CSIR-JRF (2015)

 UGC-JRF Results of Golu Mishra

Golu Mishra

332597 57th Rank

UGC-JRF (2015)

CSIR-JRF Results of Asheesh Kr Gautam

Asheesh Kr Gautam

37409657th Rank

CSIR-JRF (2015)

CSIR-JRF  Results of Archna Tiwari

Archna Tiwari

332232 60th Rank

CSIR-JRF (2015)

CSIR-JRF Results of Ratnesh Yadav

Ratnesh Yadav

333204 66th Rank

CSIR-JRF (2015)

CSIR-JRF Results of Jyoti Vishwarkarma

Jyoti Vishwarkarma

324726 70th Rank

CSIR-JRF (2015)

 CSIR-NET Results of Nitu Dogra

Nitu Dogra

324892 70th Rank

CSIR-NET (2015)

 CSIR-JRF Results of Rajanish Rai

Rajanish Rai

330262 70th Rank

CSIR-JRF (2015)



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