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CSIR NET Student Result

UGC-JRF Results of Anita Yadav

Anita Yadav

328184 86th Rank

UGC-JRF (2015)

CSIR-JRF Results of Renu Yadav

Renu Yadav

329625 86th Rank

CSIR-JRF (2015)

UGC-JRF Results of Mritunjay Kasera

Mritunjay Kasera

332528 88th Rank

UGC-JRF (2015)

CSIR-NET Results of Arunabh Sarkar

Arunabh Sarkar

325557 DBT JRF 1002867 25th Rank

CSIR-NET (2015)

CSIR-NET Results of Tullika Rai

Tullika Rai

329162 33th Rank

CSIR-NET (2015)

CSIR-NET Results of Sharmila Adhya

Sharmila Adhya

300332 36rd Rank

CSIR-NET (2015)

CSIR-NET Results of Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar

325336 73rd Rank

CSIR-NET (2015)

CSIR-NET Results of Priya Ojha

Priya Ojha

323736 38th Rank

CSIR-NET (2015)

CSIR-NET Results of Aashish Shukla

Aashish Shukla

356891 38th Rank

CSIR-NET (2015)

CSIR-NET Results of Arti Kumari

Arti Kumari

328683 47th Rank

CSIR-NET (2015)

CSIR-NET Results of Ankita Soni

Ankita Soni

306186 48th Rank

CSIR-NET (2015)

CSIR-NET Results of Jitendera Singh

Jitendera Singh

324976 48th Rank

CSIR-NET (2015)

CSIR-NET Results of Annu Sangwan

Annu Sangwan

332389 49th Rank

CSIR-NET (2015)

CSIR-JRF Results of Swarn Lata

Swarn Lata

342431 53rd Rank

CSIR-JRF (2015)

CSIR-NET Results of Pranab Mahata

Pranab Mahata

345621 55th Rank

CSIR-NET (2015)

CSIR-JRF Results of Manish Kumar Sharma

Manish Kumar Sharma

322849 71st Rank

CSIR-JRF (2015)

DBT-JRF Results of Lokesh Verma

Lokesh Verma

1003664 73rd Rank

DBT-JRF (2015)

CSIR-NET Results of Ved Prakash

Ved Prakash

327172 97th Rank

CSIR-NET (2015)

JRE-NET-UGC Results of Amjad Hussain

Amjad Hussain

342783 107 Rank

JRE-NET-UGC (2015)

ICAR NET Results of Mayank Maheshwari

Mayank Maheshwari


ICAR NET (2015)

 ARS NET Results of Renu Yadav

Renu Yadav


ARS NET (2015)

DBT-JRF Results of Arushi Gupta

Arushi Gupta


DBT-JRF (2015)

DBT-JRF Results of Gourav Sharma

Gourav Sharma


DBT-JRF (2015)

 CSIR-JRF Results of Nimisha


WII-20150072 wild life institute of india 9th Ran

CSIR-JRF (2015)

DBT-JRF Results of Apurv Solanki

Apurv Solanki


DBT-JRF (2015)

DBT JRF Results of Sonam Kumari

Sonam Kumari


DBT JRF (2015)

CSIR-NET Results of Yogendra Kumar

Yogendra Kumar

334149 69th Rank

CSIR-NET (2015)

UGC-JRF Results of Anwar N.P.

Anwar N.P.

370313 79th rank

UGC-JRF (2015)

CSIR JRF Results of Neha Gupta

Neha Gupta

333184 62nd Rank

CSIR JRF (2015)

UGC-JRF Results of Pratima Gola

Pratima Gola

333230 61st Rank

UGC-JRF (2015)

UGC-JRF Results of Ashish KR Gautam

Ashish KR Gautam

374906 57th Rank

UGC-JRF (2015)

CSIR NET JRF Results of Vinay Sharma Modgil

Vinay Sharma Modgil

311938 75th Rank


UGC JRF Results of Sanjeev Balda

Sanjeev Balda

325276 76th Rank

UGC JRF (2015)

UGC JRF NET Results of Sharmal N. Nandeshwar

Sharmal N. Nandeshwar

324952 106th Rank

UGC JRF NET (2015)

CSIR UGC JRF Results of Ritika Jaintu

Ritika Jaintu

325170 107th Rank


CSIR JRF Results of Brajesh Kr. Savita

Brajesh Kr. Savita

365628 66th rank

CSIR JRF (2015)

CSIR-JRF-NET Results of Arvind Thappa

Arvind Thappa

331471 57th Rank


UGC-NET Results of Subhashis Debsharma

Subhashis Debsharma

327283 39th Rank

UGC-NET (2015)

UGC-JRF Results of Ruchi Singh

Ruchi Singh

328935 75th rank

UGC-JRF (2015)

CSIR-JRF Results of Mansi Gujrati

Mansi Gujrati

328398 68th Rank

CSIR-JRF (2015)

CSIR-JRF Results of Shikha Gupta

Shikha Gupta

CSIR-JRF (2015)

CSIR-JRF Results of Raj Priya

Raj Priya

CSIR-JRF (2015)



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