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GATE Student Result

GATE Results of Aastha Dwivedi

Aastha Dwivedi

62nd Rank 364358

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Anand Mohan

Anand Mohan

63rd Rank

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Ravishankar Gautam

Ravishankar Gautam

63rd Rank 6322719

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Anuradha Gautam

Anuradha Gautam

63rd Rank 320856

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Anjali Maurya

Anjali Maurya

63rd Rank 321547

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Shaifali Tyagi

Shaifali Tyagi

64th Rank 327296

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Jyoti


64th Rank 324877

GATE (2017)

UGC-JRF Results of Garima Gautam

Garima Gautam

21st Rank 309563

UGC-JRF (2017)

GATE Results of Sumi Pahal

Sumi Pahal

34th Rank 320740

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Punita Mishra

Punita Mishra

32nd Rank 323926

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of  Ragshree Pati

Ragshree Pati

31st Rank

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Deepika


30th Rank 324142

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Poonam


30th Rank 319130

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Sonam Sangwan

Sonam Sangwan

30th Rank 322585

GATE (2017)

DBT-JRF  Results of Alka Kaushik

Alka Kaushik

22th Rank D0630

DBT-JRF (2017)

GATE Results of Shalini Yadav

Shalini Yadav

21st Rank 325652

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Sonal Saluja

Sonal Saluja

36th Rank 326974

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Sweeti Dahiya

Sweeti Dahiya

19th Rank 325702

GATE (2017)

GATE-BT Results of Mukesh KR.Aloria

Mukesh KR.Aloria

17th Rank 36102375

GATE-BT (2017)

 GATE-XL Results of Pooja Yadav

Pooja Yadav

12th Rank 30452012

GATE-XL (2017)

 GATE-XL Results of Suruchi Singh

Suruchi Singh

10th Rank 3068168

GATE-XL (2017)

GATE Results of Prachi Agnihotri

Prachi Agnihotri

7th Rank 323837

GATE (2017)

ASR-JRF Results of Avinash Gosangia

Avinash Gosangia

6th Rank 109281

ASR-JRF (2017)

GATE Results of Mariyam Gauhar

Mariyam Gauhar

6th Rank 319852

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Raju Ranjha

Raju Ranjha

5th Rank 319852

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Sneha Kumari

Sneha Kumari

40th Rank 328807

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Taruna Sharma

Taruna Sharma

45th Rank 325229

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Deepak Kumar

Deepak Kumar

44th Rank 327701

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Virendra


44th Rank 329357

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Ragib Husain

Ragib Husain

42th Rank 329310

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of  Sandeep Kaul

Sandeep Kaul

42nd Rank 311364

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Seema Mehra

Seema Mehra

42nd Rank

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Gazi Khan

Gazi Khan

41st Rank 320797

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Vikar Ahmed

Vikar Ahmed

41st Rank 335000

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Taruna Sharma

Taruna Sharma

45th Rank 325229

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Dhiraj Kumar Singh

Dhiraj Kumar Singh

40th Rank 328015

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Pratibha Naveen Bhardwaj

Pratibha Naveen Bhardwaj

39th Rank 320797

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Suleha Anwar

Suleha Anwar

39th Rank 320797

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of  Chandni Sharma

Chandni Sharma

37th Rank 319852

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Rajkumar Pandey

Rajkumar Pandey

37th Rank 329072

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Tulika Rai

Tulika Rai

37th Rank 362900

GATE (2017)

GATE Results of Dhananjay Pandey

Dhananjay Pandey

37th Rank 328913

GATE (2017)

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